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About SwissOffices

Internationally acquired know-how about office solutions

SwissOffices provides premium services to meet the office requirements of business people, entrepreneurs, professionals and institutions with the most convenient fees and maximum comfort. We make our customers experience the satisfaction of working out of an efficient office with our internationally acquired know-how; office buildings all over the world located at the most suitable spots, our well-trained personnel and state of the art office equipment.

The innovative solutions offered by SwissOffices allow you to give more time and money to spend on your business.

Our objective is to provide you with fast and expedient solutions with our qualified and experienced personnel. We never ignore the fact that service providing is a relationship between human beings. Our highly qualified employees guarantee the best possible experience for our customers while satisfied customers mean better inspiration for our personnel.

SwissOffices's professional team will ensure you to focus on your business as they handle the daily chores, while the high-tech office gear will provide for the smooth running of your operations. SwissOffices provides you whatever you need to focus on your core business opening doors to increased efficiency.

Our team is efficient, proactive and takes action with a 24-hour turnaround policy. We believe in great service, a smile and taking a genuine interest in your business. This is built into the environment and culture SwissOffices.

A member of Business Centers Association, SwissOffices can also link you instantly with a great number of office centers all over the world.

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Why SwissOffices?

A Perfect Office Experience

SwissOffices offers you each time a perfect office experience with its internationally acquired know-how. It provides the best added value to your business with the most convenient spots that its offices are located, the most advanced technology and its expert personnel.

  • The best possible price performance ratio – we keep costs low to let you spend more money on your core business.
  • Our operational expertise and efficiency – with 20 years experience on the job we have acquired an unparalleled expertise.
  • Global vision, local expertise – we are very well versed in local markets and we would be more than happy to help you with our know-how and our networking in the local market.
  • The confidence of serving the best – we have never lost a client because they were not happy with our service.
  • No hidden costs – Complete transparency in customer accounts.
  • Ultimate Flexibilty - You choose the length and terms of your agreement,
  • Reliable people - Our team will impress you daily with personalized and professional customer service.
  • Making It Easy - From setting up an office, to holding a meeting or bringing immediate solutions to as many problems as may appear at the same time – we make running a workplace as simple as it can be.



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