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Samer Saadeh
Samer Saadeh
Alexion Pharmaceuticals / Business Planning Manager

SwissOffices have been very helpful to us in all aspects of our company establishment in Turkey answering to our office and professional needs in a timely and efficient manner. The location, usefulness of the center and the clear pricing structure were important to us in choosing our office provider.


Haluk Germeyan
Haluk Germeyan
Alexion Pharmaceuticals / Country Manager

As Alexion, one of the key factors of our success in moving to our own office is SwissOffices. We have performed much better by leaving all the administrative functions to them, focusing on our core bussines. I thank you on behalf of my company for giving us such a spectacular service.


Alper Rozanes
Alper Rozanes
Altron Retail Services / Founding Partner

In life, there are the right people that we meet at the right place and at the right time. The experienced and professional staff of SwissOffices is a perfect example.

Providing unparalleled and exceptional service, SwissOffices gives you everything you need to run your own business like a multi-million dollar company. Our incoming calls are answered courteously, our faxes are reported within minutes, customers are greeted at upmost respect, and best of all, we have all the time on our hands to focus on business. Our business.

In fact, customers are treated with such care, that we even receive praises from our customers for our friendly "employees".

Whether you are a one-person-show in need of a virtual office and a secretary, a multinational company with large scale operations, or simply wish to impress a potential client, SwissOffices has you covered with all it has to offer.

And as one great person mentioned before; location, location, location. You get all these benefits right at the very heart of the city, literally steps away from many forms of public transportation and in between the two bridges.

Your business needs serviced or virtual office space and excellent administration?

Go with the pros. Go with SwissOffices.


Thea Fierens
Thea Fierens
UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office / Regional Director

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to SwissOffices for the excellent service and the warm atmosphere they created for each one of us.

During the first months of our challenging relocation period, hospitality and perfect coordination of SwissOffices Team made our lives easier.

Even though we had high expectations and many requests, SwissOffices Team did their best to cooperate and meet all our needs.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues at the UNFPA Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, I would like to thanks SwissOffices once again for their professionalism and warm hosting.


Mustafa Esensoy
Cimbria Heid Turkey / Managing Director

We have chosen SwissOffices especially for their transparency in pricing and hospitality.

We are extremely pleased with the service quality, level of professionalism and the friendliness of the team.

I would like to express my thanks to SwissOffices team and look forward to a strong partnership continuing into the future.


Didem Bas Bilge
Blu Medi Travel / Director

SwissOffices have been very helpful to us in establishing our Business operations for the first time. Their friendly , generous as well as professional attitude has made our lives easier in concentrating on our business.

Their hardworking, problem solving way made things more organized for us and by not even thinking a little about the everyday problems of an office, have eliminated a certain amount of business stress from our lives. This do have a high importance for us, if you kindly consider how already is stressful to conduct business in İstanbul, which is a giant cosmopolitan with nearly 15.000.000 population.

Currently, as BLU Health&Medical LTD. we can not think of any place rather than here in İstanbul to continue our business, since the service we get is as we think more than it costs to us. We definitely do have a more pleasant life with the help of them.

We are glad to have chosen SwissOffices as our office provider and would not hesitate in recommending them to potential future clients.


Stefanos Miniadis
Stefanos Miniadis
Bacardi-Martini Turkey / Managing Director Balkans, Hungary & Turkey

Great Place, Great Service, Friendly Environment.

We have evaluated different options when we decided to move from our previous company offices.

SwissOffices offers us the right environment and service in order to concentrate on our business goals and forget anything related to office management.

We really enjoy to work hear.


Hiroshi Okazaki
Hiroshi Okazaki
Miura Turkey / Officer

This is my conclusion by evaluation for all Istanbul serviced office investigation. When we decide serviced office as temporary business base, we consider many important factor such as location, security, facility, staff language ability and cost. You can get everything from SwissOffices.

SwissOffices offer excellent business atmosphere with many different nationality guests.



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