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Serviced Offices FAQs

1.What is a SwissOffices business center?

SwissOffices offers you fully furnished and fully equipped workspace with dedicated staff. It’s a flexible and cost effective way of having an innovative workspace.

2. Where are your SwissOffices business centers located?

We have two business centers in central business district of Istanbul, two business centers in Biel/Bienne and one business center in Bern, Switzerland.

Please visit our Locations page to see our business centers.

Through our global network we can link you instantly with a great number of business centers all over the world.

3. How can I arrange a tour for your Business Centers?

Please visit our Book a Tour page to arrange a visit at the location you are interested in. We would be very pleased to welcome you at our business centers.

We believe visiting our business centers is the best way to understand what SwissOffices is offering.

4. How many people can your Business Centers accommodate?

Our business centers can accommodate up to 100 team members.

5. When can I get started in my new office?

You can sign the contract and move in immediately. We will configure the office according to your needs within hours.

6. What is the minimum contract term?

You can choose your contract term from 1 month to 12 months or more.

Virtual Offices FAQs

1. What is a Swiss Virtual Office?

A Swiss Virtual Office is everything but the physical office space. You can have a professional team, facilities and infrastructure of a professional corporation, without the cost. You can have a business address, phone answering service or a full package including meeting room or office use. You can design your own Virtual Office according to the needs of your business.

2. Will a Swiss Virtual Office work for my home business?

When you want to present a prestigious business address to your clients and benefit from the cost savings of a home office, Swiss Virtual Office is the best solution for you.

Your dedicated receptionist handles your incoming calls in the name of your business and your calls are seamlessly transferred to your preferred number or messages can be taken and delivered to you.

You can book meeting facilities or offices to meet your clients whenever you need.

3. How long does it take to set up a Virtual Office for me?

We require only 1 hour to get your Virtual Office ready. Sign up and be operational in 1 hour.

4. How does Virtual Office call forwarding work?

A Swiss Virtual Office operator will answer your calls in the name of your business. Based on your specific instructions, your virtual office operator will seamlessly forward your calls to your specified number anywhere in the world. With virtual office call forwarding you will never miss a call whether you are at home or on the road.

5. How does Virtual Office mail forwarding work?

Virtual office mail forwarding service will forward posts and mails received at your virtual office business address to your preferred location or hold them for you to collect.

6. What is the minimum contract term?

You can choose your contract term from 3 months to 12 months or more.

Meeting Facilities FAQs

1.Why book a SwissOffices meeting room?

You can reflect your professionalism to your clients by hiring our meeting facilities. Our boardrooms and meeting rooms provide a professional atmosphere, equipped with high-end presentation and audio-video conferencing equipment.

Our professional meeting room staff has the skills to accommodate your needs from presentation preparation to technical assistance. In short, we have all the accommodations to make your meeting a success.

2. Is meeting room support available?

Our staff specifically trained in managing high-level meetings will be at your service during your meetings. Should you require equipment setup or administrative preparation for your meeting, our staff has the tools and know-how required to assist.

3. Is catering available while I’m using the meeting room?

We can provide catering for your meetings. You can have snacks or pastry from the best providers with the service of our trained staff.

General Services FAQs

1. What other services does SwissOffices provide?

We can provide almost all business services that a business may require. Please visit our Business Services page to see which kind of services we can provide.

2. What can I expect from the CSR (Customer Service Representative) team?

SwissOffices ensures an office support team trained in the highest standards and on the latest equipment and software. CSR team can receive and forward your emails, telephone calls, deliver your post, can handle notary and municipal procedures, can book hotel, plane and restaurant reservations, and take care of your clients.

Your SwissOffices team is dedicated to your business. You will soon notice that our people have a passion and commitment to success - they are the main reason why we receive notes of gratitude. We are very proud of our service staff and the service quality they give.

3. What is SwissPhone?

SwissPhone is an IP telephony installed on your computer which enables you to make calls from your office number wherever you are in the world.

SwissPhone can also provide free calls between your office locations.

4. What is Voicemail to E-mail technology?

You can receive your voicemails as audio file into your mailbox.


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