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For those who do not want to work alone in an office or at home.

Coworking is an economic solution mostly for freelancers, newly launching businesses, entrepreneurs and independent contractors. Coworking is a new working style with networking, collaborating and making friends. It helps you to avoid home office distractions and loneliness.

Coworking services includes:

  • A dedicated workstation in a open plan office at a prestigious CBD location
  • State of the art furniture and fit-out which is continuously maintained
  • Boardrooms and meetings rooms which can be booked hourly
  • Coffee lounges, business lounges and kitchen facilities
  • Broadband internet and high-end office equipment
  • High-tech IP telephones and communications infrastructure
  • Secretarial and IT support team on demand
  • Print, Copy, Scan and Fax


What is Co Working?

CoWorking is the sharing of one open office space by different people from different companies. In this way, general expenses are shared and more economic office conditions are presented.

Advantages of Co Working

Whether you are always at your desk or working in a shared office space at the moment, you get the pleasure of working in a highly professional and stylish environment with the SwissOffices Co Working concept in very economical terms.

In order to understand the advantages of the so called Co Working or ready-made desk, it is enough to take a look at what needs to be done to move a new office.

You want a city central, elegant office that is easy to reach, but the economic conditions of Istanbul is also known. It would be very costly to have an office as you would like under these conditions.

In addition, your office has the electricity, natural gas, water, and so on. If you spend all of these bills on a subscription basis, as well as electricity, gas, water and internet, you will find out how economical SwissOffices Co Working is.

What's more, you should also consider your needs such as secretarial, cleaning, beverages.

Above all, the problem that home office workers often experience is that they can not keep up with work discipline due to social problems and home environment. With our SwissOffices Co Working Service, you will have the opportunity to expand your business network by providing you with both work discipline and communication with people working in different fields while working in a professional office environment.

Especially if you are using our secretarial service, those who are looking for you will be provided with a live secretary and will give a positive prestige to your business.

Paylaşımlı ofis çalışanı

Co Working is suitable for:

SwissOffices Co Working Service is an ideal solution for start-ups, freelancers, home office workers, for short-term office work.

Our Co Working Locations

Istanbul European Side Co Working Locations

Istanbul Asian Side Co Working Locations

Switzerland Co Working Locations




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